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The Tarot de Marsella Robledo

The Tarot de Marsella Robledo is a deck created by Pablo Robledo, an Argentinian master cardmaker. Robledo based his work in the study of a series of historical decks, but created a whole new work with bright and vivid colors and artistic painting details.

The deck was printed in German Black Core Paper which allows a high quality product and a very smooth handling and shuffling.

Technical details

Limited edition of the Tarot of Marseilles Robledo
Publisher: Iskander Servicios Editoriales

78 Cards
1 Blank Card
1 Presentation Card

Only 1000 decks of this 5th edition.
ISBN: 9789569716010

Price: US$ 35.00
Shipping cost: US$ 18.00
Shipping cost for each additional unit: US$ 10.00

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